A versatile Radar Sensor with Exceptional Performance
The Dronnur series is designed to detect, track and classify LSS (Low, Slow and Small) targets and will detect virtually any target in this class at range. Dronnur will detect targets ranging from nano-drones to leisure aircrafts, helicopters, vehicles, people and any object moving at sea. Hovering drones are also detected. It is especially useful against drones operating over forests and other challenging environments.

Smart Behavior including Waveform Adaptation
Dronnur can operate in Smart-Scan mode based on the perceived scenario. The system is able to “stop & stare” and change transmission mode at targets of interest in order improve detection and classification before returning to normal operation.

Embedded Sensors
Dronnur is supplied with embedded GNSS, ADS-B and AIS receivers in order to assist the decision process. These data may also be obtained externally.

Micro-Doppler, Multiple Hypothesis Tracker and AI-Fusion
The Doppler spectrum is utilized by both the MH Tracker and the AI-supported Fusion engine. First by increasing the probability of correct plot association and by the latter to suggest classification
category before merging the available data in order to present a compiled picture to the operator.

Detection Performance

  • Sentry C-127 Drone: 1.5 km
  • Seagull (Bird): 5 km
  • Phantom 3 Drone: 7 km
  • Vehicles: 19 km
  • Medium Helicopter: 21 km
  • Leisure aircraft: 21 km
  • Ships: 24 km
  • Target Speed Separation: 0.5 m/s

Military Extensions

Military extensions are available for qualified end customers. Please contact us for more information.