The versatile DeStreamer MK II LAN to Analog Radar Converter & Processor has been tested and approved to the very demanding MIL-STD-461 for Surface Ships. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the equipment is able to function within its design tolerances while operating in its designated electromagnetic environment.

The DeStreamer is designed as an ‘install and forget device’, which will convert radar LAN data to analogue signals using various protocols. It contains a built-in web server for configuration, but alternatively, the DeStreamer can be controlled and configured using Asterix CAT-253.

The following LAN protocols are supported:

  • Asterix CAT-240
  • Raytheon Nautoscan
  • Kelvin Hughes
  • RayMarine
  • SAM / Wartsila Nacos Platinum
  • Terma
  • Sperry
  • Others on request

The following analogue protocols are supported:

  • Sperry VisionMaster / Decca BridgeMaster E
  • Kelvin Hughes
  • Furuno
  • JRC
  • STACOS / Tacticos
  • Raytheon MK II
  • SAM / Atlas TVA
  • Various ECDIS / WECDIS radar overlay modules
  • Generic scan converters in combat systems

The intended usage areas for the DeStreamer are:

  • As a compatibility unit between different systems (LAN / Analog)
  • As a unit between red / black zones
  • As a remote stimulation unit in simulators
  • As a lab test tool

Additional functions:

  • Accepts NMEA THD and HDT over serial or LAN
  • Can generate North oriented image
  • Includes a filter package, consisting of STC, FTC, Interference Reject, Clutter Map, and Ordered Statistics CFAR

The DeStreamer II is supplied in our DNE5xx enclosures (Shared with ScanStreamer II), which is a rugged, sea-water resistant enclosure.

The test results imply that the ScanStreamer Radar to LAN Converter is also likely to pass the MIL-STD-461 since the design is practically identical.

Companion Software:

The free ScanView Configuration app can also be used for configuration and more advanced setup.

Ordering information

As with every dspnor product, a number of configurations are available but below are four most common variants:


DNP2018003-0100; Single Video Output, Single Ended or RS422. PCB only, 85-250VAC

DNP2018003-1100; As above in enclosure, 2 x BNC, 2 x EMC glands


DNP2018003-0200; Dual Video Output, Single Ended (TTL/RS423) and RS422. PCB only, 85-250VAC

DNP2018003-1200; As above in enclosure, 4 x BNC, 2 x EMC glands