Vestdavit is carrying out the delivery of two PL-3600R davits to a new pair of 105m-length advanced offshore patrol vessels (AOPVs) for the Sri Lankan Navy.

The handover of the SLNS Sayurala AOPVs built by the Goa Shipyard in July was a cause for major celebration at Vestdavit. We are delivering two PL-3600R davits per ship, each with a safe working load of 4t to handle the Norsafe MOB boats on-board.

Once in service, the AOPV is expected to carry out patrols, policing, reconnaissance, surveillance, search-and-rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, as well as pollution control missions in the territorial waters of Sri Lanka, operating at speeds of up to 26k.

“This has been a prestigious project involving the largest OPV ever delivered to the Sri Lankan Navy,” says Sven Wågsæther, Area Sales Manager for India.

“Following a thorough bidding and selection process, Vestdavit contracted with Goa Shipyard in late 2016.” Goa Shipyard currently claims the largest exporting shipyard status in India.

The PL-3600R davit is equipped with shock absorbers, wire hauler, a self-tension system and a limit switch. The davits are operated from specially designed control panels installed at the ship side and are capable of handling boats up to and including sea state five.

The Sri Lankan Navy chose davits from Vestdavit after their positive experience with smaller PLA-2000 davits on-board some of their smaller patrol boats. The latest project, which anticipates delivery of the second vessel in 2018, also calls for the supply of davit foundations and full installation supervision.