Trenton Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized, cybersecure, made-in-USA computer systems for defense, aerospace, test and measurement, industrial automation, and other major industries, has partnered with NGD Systems for ruggedized, high-capacity computational storage drives (CSDs) that offer a significant performance boost to real-time, mission-critical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems at the edge.

NGD’s industry-leading, made-in-USA 32TB U.2. NVMe SSDs, powered by a revolutionary 14nm ASIC-based controller, manage massive amounts of drive data locally by bringing compute

resources to the drives themselves, which reduces the data movement and processing burdens of a host server’s or workstation’s memory and CPUs. These drives are particularly beneficial for large data sets and latency-sensitive applications requiring real-time insights.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Trenton Systems to deploy ruggedized and innovative solutions using our computational storage drives (CSDs),” says Nader Salessi, CEO of NGD Systems. “By combining our NVMe SSD solutions with Trenton Systems’ latest storage platforms, we can deliver the value of added compute to the platform. Using a JBOF solution to deploy large-scale storage, up to 32TB per U.2 Drive, and added compute locally, provides a unique and innovative way to solve data analytics where data is generated.”

NGD’s CSDs are a performance game-changer for modern, large-scale AI and ML workloads and are also available in extended temperature ranges for rugged computing solutions like those manufactured by Trenton. This adds an extra layer of physical protection to the drives as they assist with providing key operational insights amid the world’s harshest environments. NGD’s drives are also extremely power-conscious, requiring just 12W under load.

Michael Bowling, CEO of Trenton Systems, says the combination of Trenton Systems’ rugged computing solutions and NGD Systems’ state-of-the-art NVMe SSDs is an ideal fit for real-time business and mission-critical intelligence applications crunching big data to drive decision-making.

“One of the biggest challenges for real-time business intelligence with large amounts of data is to make compute decisions as close to the edge as possible,” Bowling said. “Traditionally, all AI and ML decisions are often waiting for data to flow to a centralized processing root complex, whether that’s a CPU or GPU, but with NGD Systems’ computational NVMe drives and Trenton Systems’ servers, the drives themselves have the ability to analyze and prioritize whether the data needs to flow upstream for further processing.”

Bowling continued, “Trenton Systems has long been developing large amounts of PCIe slots into its own servers and NVMe JBOF products. This made a natural partnership with NGD’s PCIe SSD drives, and we’re excited about the practical applications that this will have for high-capacity, mission-critical, real-time storage applications that can benefit from pushing the computational analysis to the extreme of the edge.”

Sean Campbell, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Trenton Systems, says the partnership will allow Trenton to provide AI and ML customers with a more efficient rugged computing solution at the edge by leveraging the pioneering CSDs devised by the talented NGD Systems.

“As applications such as AI and ML continue to accelerate the proliferation of edge computing systems, new storage collaborations are needed to address the evolving and dynamic workloads expected from our customers,” Campbell said. “Leveraging the power of NVMe, NGD Systems’ innovative CSDs are purpose-built to support the raw volume, speed, and diversity of data at the edge. Trenton Systems’ close collaboration with NGD Systems will help redefine storage drives for the increasing data demands our applications require currently.”

The two companies will host a webinar in January to discuss the combination of their respective solutions and how, together, they can bring speed, efficiency, and resilience to your edge computing solution. The date and time for the webinar will be announced later.

To discuss a rugged computing or storage solution for your program or application, contact Trenton Systems at or NGD Systems at today.

About Trenton Systems, Inc. Trenton Systems designs, manufactures, assembles, integrates, tests, and supports made-in-USA rugged servers, workstations, processor boards, PCIe backplanes, storage systems, blade servers, PCIe expansion kits, mini PCs, and custom high-performance computers for programs and applications operating in harsh environments worldwide.

Founded in 1989, Trenton Systems provides the defense/military, government, industrial, and commercial markets with in-house engineering, testing and support services, computer life cycle planning, revision control, a five-year warranty, and customization/configuration support.

Trenton Systems’ rugged computers and components meet or exceed UL, CE, FCC, ITAR, and military standards (MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-S-901, DO-160), are backed by a five-year warranty and in-house support, and are manufactured in the company’s Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA facility, which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards.

About NGD Systems NGD Systems enables infrastructure success and growth by delivering the industry’s most innovative Computational Storage NVMe SSDs in the largest capacity and most power-efficient storage products available. This provides an increase in system-level performance for near-real-time processing at the edge where data is generated.

The Newport Platform uses a patented In-Situ Processing solution to radically reduce the bandwidth required to analyze mass data sets and reduce the strain on customer infrastructure. NGD Systems’ Computational Storage products enable compute at the edge without moving data from storage devices, overcoming challenges that current system architectures cannot solve. NGD Systems’ breakthrough technology is ideal for hyperscale environments, edge computing and AI/data analytic applications.

Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Irvine, Calif., NGD Systems’ breakthrough technology will fundamentally change the IT industry by bringing compute to storage in ways never implemented before.