Sky Power has introduced a new heavy fuel (HF) engine SP-210 HF FI TS that was developed based on the existing gasoline engine SP-210 FI TS.

Sky Power’s first HF engine is marking the beginning of the subsequent development of HF engines based on completely new technology.

The new HF engine from Sky Power runs on a kerosene-oil mix of 50:1, using JET A, JET A1 or JP-8. As part of the engine development, Sky Power has taken a new approach to HF technology. The goal was to heat up the fuel mixture in a reliable and controlled way and to achieve excellent starting properties. A large number of components were newly developed such as the new kerosene heating unit KHU 100.

The new HF concept can also be applied as an upgrade to all injection engines of the SP-210 series. The modular design of the engines used by Sky Power still being used and expanded with the HF systems. When configuring a propulsion system, customers have a choice on generators, starter-generators, power supplies and complete hybrid configurations and can now choose between different fuel types to meet the application needs. This also applies to other engines in Sky Power’s product portfolio.

The newly developed KHU 100 manages the start process jointly with the engine management unit ECU030. Both systems communicate through the CAN-Bus Interface. The temperature is controlled by sensors installed in the drive unit.

The SP-210 HF FI TS is characterised by high system reliability over a wide range of conditions. Engines with the twin-spark (TS) system also run at a lower idle and their general operational behaviour is quieter. Safety and reliability increase in both single- and multiple-cylinder engines and multiple-cylinder systems benefit from active redundancy of two independent ignition systems.

Whether for fixed-wing, rotary-wing or hybrid-transitional applications, the new Sky Power HF engines can be used with all unmanned aerial systems (UAS) systems.

Sky Power GmbH CEO Karsten Schudt said: “For the operator of these UAS, there are obvious benefits with the HF technology. The systems are very flexible and reliable, and therefore, reduce the operational cost.”

Sky Power GmbH is a leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for UAS and hybrid applications. Sky Power offers in-house development and manufacturing and produces all engines in Germany. Custom adaptations, new developments and continuous performance improvements of the combustion engines are ongoing company objectives.