Simpro AS has announced a merger with Noca AS on 1 March. Our technology, machinery and staff for manufacturing are now gathered at Løkken, Norway. In Trondheim, we have established a technology centre where we will work with partners and customers to prepare products for industrialisation and manufacturing.

We have taken the first step towards becoming a new era electronics manufacturer, while at the same time adapting to industry 4.0. By moving production to Løkken, we will increase our competitiveness. We will keep on investing heavily to create a better offer for our customers in the nearby future.

As we strengthen and develop the production line at Løkken, we wish to simultaneously contribute to reducing the timeframe between idea and final delivery. This is where the tech centre in Norway’s tech capital Trondheim plays an important part. The centre is placed here as the city produces an abundance of great ideas and technology that should be made available to the market as quickly as possible.

At the centre, we will be working closely with our customers to deliver prototypes in as little time as six days.

As a customer, you will gain a more specialised offer in production, prototyping and technology development.