Schill Reglerteknik AB, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a significant deal with an valued undisclosed South Asian Customer. Under this contract, the Customer has once again selected Schill Reglerteknik AB’s products, purchasing two Aligner 308 systems, two Aligner 224 systems and spares. This transaction stands as one of the year’s most substantial achievements so far.

The decision of the undisclosed South Asian Customer to invest in Schill Reglerteknik AB’s Aligner systems reaffirms the strong and enduring partnership between the two organisations. As one of Schill’s most loyal customers for many years, this customer has consistently placed trust in Schill’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

“We are delighted to have the privilege of continuing our partnership with our valued Customer” says Schill CEO – John Forsell. “This latest purchase of Aligner systems really highlights how appreciated and important our products are for the modern Navy”. We are deeply committed to providing exceptional engineering solutions, and this significant deal further reinforces our position as a trusted provider in the defense industry.”

The Aligner 308 and Aligner 224 systems are widely recognized for their outstanding precision, reliability, and versatility. Their incorporation into the Customers organisation will undoubtedly enhance their operational capabilities and mission success.

As Schill Reglerteknik AB celebrates this accomplishment, the company remains steadfast in its dedication to serving its clients with innovative and reliable products. This significant contract reaffirms Schill Reglerteknik AB’s commitment to delivering excellence to customers worldwide. The systems will be delivered to the customer during 2023.