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On-board container vessel MV Polar Equinoxe in the Chinese sea N30° 37′, E122° 52′, approaching Shanghai anchorage.

When an alarm sounds in the engine control room, chief engineer Boris Fedorov registers a pressure drop in the remote control valve system, which may affect ballasting operations in Shanghai.

There are only eight hours left to solve the problem. Boris Fedorov sends an e-mail to the Sander service centre.

Andriy Stelman is a first-class electro-mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in charge as service team leader at SANDER MARINE German headquarters who receives the email. Retrieving the ship’s documentation, he can locate the problem.

Andriy calls chief engineer Boris and asks for some tests to be carried out that are necessary to pinpoint the fault. Once the test results have arrived, they are evaluated immediately.

Andriy’s diagnosis points to the hydraulic power unit, where the relief valve has to be replaced. The stock in the spare parts warehouse in Shanghai has already been checked and the relief valve is available.

Hunk Li, one of our certified service engineers worldwide and our troubleshooter on site, gets the order to retrieve the component from the warehouse.

MV Polar Equinoxe enters the port of Shanghai, where Hunk Li is already waiting to board the vessel as soon as customs inspection is finished and quickly replaces the defective relief valve. Ballasting operations can start in time, a costly delay of cargo operations is averted!

After repairing the hydraulic system on board, Hunk carries out a system inspection as part of the SANDER maintenance agreement, free of charge.

Hunk discovers the forepeak valve to be permanently stuck. He immediately informs the crew and sends an email with details to the spares team, and with the ship’s next port of call at Hong Kong, there are only three days left.

Daniel Hanke, spares and components expert at our German headquarters gives the order to our Singapore warehouse to take a new forepeak valve from stock and carry out the tests required for DNV-GL class self-certification. Only three hours later, the courier service picks up the valve to take it to Hong Kong port.

MV Polar Equinoxe enters the port of Hong Kong. The certified forepeak valve is already waiting. No hassles to identify the valve specifications, no time-consuming paperwork for crew and ship owner.