SAES has exhibited its maritime security and environmental solutions at the International Technology Conference for maritime surveillance and emergency management.

The results of the PROteuS projects oriented to maritime security and surveillance and CU3I oriented to the management of maritime emergencies have been announced in the conference.

On 12-13 November, the event took place in Faro, Portugal. The country was the conference host with attendants from the Mediterranean countries.

SAES solutions are applied to conduct scientific and environmental studies and serve to verify that industrial noise levels remain within defined thresholds in maritime traffic activities, construction at sea, oil and gas extraction platforms, offshore wind fields and any installation or activity that can introduce energy into the marine environment.

The company presented these measurement and analysis systems for maritime security and environmental:

  • Diver Detection sonar DDS-03
  • Intelligent digital hydrophone for autonomous or assisted underwater recording
  • An acoustic performance prediction tool, with internationally validated propagation models
  • SOURCE-SEA, which is a submarine measuring system that measures acoustic noise, electrical and magnetic emissions and includes temperature and pressure sensors
  • SOURCE-MAP, which is a noise mapping system to estimate the ambient noise in a given area

SAES collaborates with environmental certifiers, shipping companies, port authorities, energy companies, construction companies and shipyards.