Rubicon Associates’ engineering practice is displaying huge growth in the ACT market with the addition of mechanical / marine engineer Matt Lowrie to our comprehensive team.

This growth positions Rubicon Associates as a market leader that continues to serve our strong pipeline of long-term defence projects in the ACT and a recent two-year contract extension with a prime contractor.

Rubicon Associates is an independent service provider with expertise in naval platform engineering and integration, as well as integrated logistics support throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

We execute outcomes at the highest level in support of our continuous naval shipbuilding programmes and nationally integrated sustainment endeavours.

At Rubicon Associates, we appreciate the fact that continuous build programmes and existing fleet sustainment will require the very best of Australia’s industrial, scientific and research communities over the coming decades.

Despite Covid-19, Rubicon Associate’s plan is flourishing where others are retracting.

We are focussed on growth, delivery and professional service and strongly believe that we are well-positioned to serve our clients and support them to the other side of this pandemic.