More than 20 years ago the Danish armed forces ordered their first alignment equipment from Schill. On behalf of The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) Schill is once again trusted to deliver alignment equipment to enhance and modernise the Royal Danish Navy alignment capability

The order involves both upgrades of existing equipment and adding new capability. The order comprises full systems and subsets of both Aligner 308 Mk2 Ship Alignment System and Aligner 224 Mk4 Optical Tracking Evaluation System.

The Aligner 308 Mk2 is designed for static alignment of shipboard weapon systems. It enables alignment afloat, simpler, faster and, always more accurate than conventional dry-dock alignment. Imposing minimal influence on the ship’s routines, the Aligner 308 implies huge savings in time and operational costs compared to using traditional methods.

Aligner 308 Mk2

Aligner 224 Mk4 is a complete optical tracking evaluation system, which is ideal for verification of static alignment and frequent fault finding and analysis of tracking and weapon control. It is the natural supplement/extension to the Aligner 308 Ship Alignment System, which is used for static alignment of shipboard weapon systems without dry-docking.

Aligner 224 Mk4

The Schill Alignment Systems are available in different models, designed for various applications.

The Schill team is thrilled to once again be entrusted by DALO to supply the Royal Danish Navy with alignment perfection. Schill is looking forward to continuing this extended cooperation for many more years to come.

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