Rodman Polyships S.A.U., a Rodman Group shipyard specialised in the construction of all types of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) and composite vessels, has designed and is building the new Rodman 138 Offshore Patrol Vessel for custom surveillance, particularly designed for a new contract.

43m in length overall, the new patrol vessel model has been created by Rodman’s design, development, and engineering teams, perfectly combining high performance, reliability, and quality of building and seaworthiness. It is a maritime and custom surveillance vessel, built to perform patrol tasks in coastal, territorial, and international waters. It was specifically designed to carry out anti-smuggling operations, interception, and national and international law enforcement activities. The Rodman 138 Offshore Patrol Vessel will be one of the largest vessels built worldwide in glass-reinforced polyester and composites. The vessel is equipped with an innovative stabiliser system to reduce pitching and rolling both at idle or when sailing, as well as improving the performance, saving fuel, and ensuring safer operation in harsh conditions. The propulsion system consists of two four-stroke diesel engines of 1,500 kW each.

The Rodman 138 has been designed for a crew of 18 people who will be accommodated in eight separate cabins. The vessel also has other spaces and accommodation areas, as well as a safety area. With a range of 2,000 miles, the crew will be able to stay at sea for long periods, which will be an advantage from the operational and effectiveness point of view. The new model has been developed taking into consideration each requirement specified by the customer and the different technical and construction quality requirements of the Rodman standard, optimising the safety and comfort of the crew and passengers onboard.

The launching has been successful and the vessel will stay in the water until its completion and delivery to the owner in the first quarter of 2021. The launching ceremony took place at the Rodman Polyships facilities in Meira and was attended by the owner’s representatives.

The completion and final execution of the new project consolidate Rodman’s position as one of the world leaders in the building of professional GRP vessels. All professional vessels and leisure boats built by the shipyard are widely recognised and highly valued by the most demanding owners, organisations, and governmental administrations throughout the world.