Vestdavit has produced its largest single-point-A-frame davit for over-the-side boat handling.

The company has created the davit in response to customer needs and due to the requirement of larger workboats for ships.

The first PAP-16000 davit, which features a safe working load of 16t, will be installed onboard an unspecified customer’s service operation vessel.

Due for delivery by the end of the year, the 58.5m-length vessel will be operating off Northern Europe.

The PAP-16000 has received approval from DNV GL and can handle workboats in conditions of up to sea state five. It features an anti-pendulation docking head and guiding arms to limit load sway in adverse weather.

Vestdavit has supplied bigger davits, having delivered dual-point/winch davits of up to 36t SWL and 30t single-point davit for stern operations, making it the market leader in handling very large workboats. However, to date, the PAP-16000 is its largest single-point davit with docking system for lifting over-the-side of a ship, where single-point handling of larger workboats without compromising stability presents challenges.

The first PAP-16000 will need to lift one crew boat capable of carrying five personnel, and another ten persons, plus one ton of cargo. This means it needs to be flexible, while this first unit will also be distinguished by its high operating speeds, with the customer requesting lifting speeds of 45 m/min.

The PAP-16000 is Vestdavit’s newest innovative option for owners of SOVs, emergency response and rescue vessels, pilot ships, standby vessels, multi-purpose offshore vessels, and other types of construction vessels.

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