Bjørnar Dahle has two job titles but only one job.

He explains: "My job is very simple. I help our clients to get the correct equipment to meet their needs.

"The rules and requirements for seismic, navies and offshore vary widely across the globe and clients need a lot of support to make the right purchasing decisions.

So whatever it says on my card, helping clients to get the right equipment is what I’m doing."

Bjørnar has two job titles because he works in different fields in different parts of the globe.

He adds: "In Norway I am a key account ,anager for our biggest seismic clients.

"But in Asia I have a title about operations, because I work with a wide range of naval and offshore products.

"Yards, navies and operators and clients there often think a key account manager is a finance function. But finance is not what I am about, I’m an engineer."

After training as a mechanical engineer, Bjørnar moved from his home near Trondheim in north Norway to work for a shipyard and then a major hydraulic company.

He comments: "There I came into contact with Vestdavit, in 2004.

In 2008 I moved full time to Vestdavit in the technical department, and then two years ago moved into this client-facing role. I like that a lot, I really enjoy meeting the customers and helping them to get things right for them.

With my technical background I know how things work, and that helps a lot."

Bjørnar travels a lot to Asia and South America, but he also enjoys his time back in the

He says: "This is a very varied job, a challenging one, but Vestdavit is a very supportive company and it is a good working environment.

"I have two small sons, so time not at work is for family. But I did manage this year to take them to visit my family in the small community near Trondheim. And then I found I had time to go hunting, which was always my passion."

On his future, he added: "More of the same, I hope. More clients, more travelling, more new cultures and ideas, more family time – and more hunting."