The anti-submarine warfare and the Mine Counter Measure are two of the fields where the countries are focusing in order to control the underwater domain, which is a priority because of the new geopolitical scenarios. SAES is participating as an exhibitor in this new conference edition, specially centred in those two topics, as an expert in mine warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

The underwater conferences, held in Portsmouth from 6th to 8th of March, gather the most important companies in underwater defence and the international public community to analyse developments, requirements and capabilities.

SAES is recognized to be one of the reduced set of companies which manufacture smart naval mines and the only company in the conference. SAES participation is guide not only to provide an industrial sight of the available capacities but also, and more important, to learn the new requirements and necessities. That is the source where the company says to obtain their inspiration "the most successful solutions that SAES have in its portfolio are which that has been developed together the Armed Forced" assure the head of the ASW line of business Ignacio Gutierrez.

The Anti-submarine warfare is other of the main lines of business of SAES, including two state-of-the-art solutions: SPAS and ROASW. The first of this two ASW systems based on sonobuoys, SPAS, is a processing system available for all type of platforms (submarines, ships and helicopters) that provides modern signal processing technologies for the automatic detection of the submerged threats.

Gutierrez explains that the "SPAS is a fantastic example of collaboration between the industry and the Armed Forces since it was be developed together the operators." The company highlights as two main characteristics of the system that by this the operator workload is reduced, providing him powerful tools to increase the effectiveness of the mission, and that it can be totally customized to the client needs.

ROASW, other of the ASW system of SAES, is recognized to be one of the most advanced solutions that accomplish the new requirements of the ASW missions. ROASW is in service in the Visby class corvettes of the Royal Swedish Navy.