Myriad Technologies has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2007, due to the company’s commitment to helping organisations and individuals grow, compete and innovate in the technological sphere.

Through the Gold Partnership and through Myriad Technologies’ own MVP and founder James Milne, the company has maintained a strong working relationship with Microsoft, repeatedly and consistently living up to the highest standards of the widely-recognised partnership programme.

Becoming a Gold Partner is no easy feat – an independent business must pass a range of tests, submit five customer references, earn 120 partner points, and have four qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers who have passed at least one certification exam issued by the tech mammoth, among other things.

Sustaining such a status means that Microsoft has recognised and declared Myriad Technologies commitment to evolving technologies for the company’s own interests, and for those of its clients, as the best.

Being Microsoft Gold-Certified, Myriad Technologies has keen advantages over many other independent tech companies. Among other things, these advantages include: being entitled to competency benefits and privileges like having exclusive access to Microsoft toolkits and utilities, and having permission to provide Microsoft-based IT services to other business and clients.

Further, partners are allowed up to 100 licences for each Microsoft product they require or desire to strengthen their business or their client’s.

As one of the planet’s best known brands in technologies fundamental to business, government and the community, Microsoft has solutions for thousands of technological issues, and for the duration of Myriad Technologies’ existence, the company has enthusiastically and successfully collaborated with the technology giant in implementing these solutions.

From personal computer solutions such as Windows and Office, to enterprise technologies like SharePoint, Windows Server and Dynamics CRM, Myriad Technologies, in collaboration with Microsoft, has helped countless businesses build and alter their strategies for the best possible tailored outcome

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