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Driving Information Superiority in the Maritime Domain

Myriad Technologies is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with specialist technical skills in naval environments.



With a passion for delivering end-to-end solutions for any requirement, Myriad Technologies is helping revolutionise how people capture, manage and use their data. Our flagship product, S2IX, is an award-winning information management, secure collaboration and interoperability platform designed for to connect decision-makers with the information they need to act.

Myriad Technologies is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2007, our team have been dedicated to helping Government agencies and Industry enhance how they manage their data.

Driving Information Superiority with Secure Search and Information Exchange (S2IX)

With the ability to integrate data seamlessly from tactical networks to enterprise, multi-domain and partner data environments, S2IX provides defence organisations with a secure and timely way to handle their operational data. The platform is offered as a mature commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product scalable to support any requirement and extends into any environment.

S2IX is designed to extend across domains, partners and industry, connecting decision-makers at every level. The platform was born and bred in the field, rapidly evolving to meet data problems head-on.
S2IX is uniquely capable of supporting maritime operations. The technology is fully scalable, even across Denied, Degraded, Intermittent and Limited (DDIL) networks and other dynamic deployed environments.

Existing integration and data-management techniques have proven to fail time and time again, leaving decision-makers and deployed forces lacking the information they need to act. S2IX has been developed to solve the data challenges faced by modern-day defence, intelligence and national security organisation. We are advancing data technology to support mission threads, boosting Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) data interoperability.

International Tested, Recently Deployed and Ready Now

S2IX has evolved from years of collaboration with Australian Defence into a fully interoperable, accredited platform supporting a wide range of organisational and operational requirements. The platform was designed to operate in the most dynamic scenarios, even when connection may be intermittent, limited or non-existent. This makes S2IX ideal for the maritime domain, enabling data management, exchange and federation in the toughest environments.

Our ongoing success with the Royal Australian Navy has provide what a data technology like S2IX can do for enhancing information environments within naval fleets. Powered by S2IX technology, ships can capture, manage and federate mission information across task groups, to strategic centres and across the fleet. This enhances decision-making, driving near-real-time data to command elements anywhere in the world.

Data Centric Security in Government and Military Scenarios

S2IX has core capabilities that allow the implementation of Data Centric Security (based on Zero Trust principles and architecture) to support multi-domain operations where data interoperability with embedded security is key. S2iX allows you the customer to build and accredit your own security models to reflect the domain of operation required. Imagine being able to run a set of environments that can map and manage between 5 Eyes and Nato! S2iX can do this and much more.

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