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Myriad Technologies

SharePoint-Based Naval Collaboration Solutions

Myriad Technologies is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with specialist technical skills in naval environments.

80 Hope St,
South Brisbane QLD 4101 Australia

Myriad Technologies

Myriad Technologies is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner with specialist technical skills in naval environments.

Military deployments and naval operating services

Myriad Technologies is experienced in implementing SharePoint within military deployments, especially ship-to-ship, and ship-to-shore operating scenarios.

Myriad Technologies is the partner to assist in problem areas such as:

  • Delivering a cost-effective approach that delivers Enterprise grade solutions
  • Supporting mission planning and execution across different platforms, and in separate geographic locations
  • Federated SharePoint implementation that can operate in any environment, even when disconnected from any other networks or authentication sources
  • Microsoft technologies implemented in deployed, fixed and tactical defence environments
  • Collaboration platforms and process automation to support fleet information management, ships operations and embarked forces
  • Warfighter services that operate under all conditions, including ships, boats, submarines and other vessels

Information and solutions collaboration for ship networks and defence agencies

Myriad Technologies can extend client capabilities to collaborate and share information between ships and across limited bandwidth networks.

In addition, our solutions are capable of supporting a complex security context that includes releasability, classification and caveats support, making them suitable for defence and other enforcement agencies.

Industry-supported solutions for process automation

Our solutions are supported by a group of industry leading partners, including Microsoft for SharePoint, iOra for Replication and Nintex for process automation.

By leveraging the capabilities of these vendors and products, Myriad Technologies produces Enterprise-capable, structured information management solutions that automate organisational processes and can be used across domains.

Myriad provides its own structured activity manager (SAM) to act as the foundation for the warfighter-structured collaboration environment.

Information access platforms for virtual marine environments

With our enterprise approach, our clients are provided with timely, relevant, accurate and comprehensive information, while maintaining government and regulatory authority requirements for data management.

Furthermore, Myriad Technologies understands the importance and requirement to be able to quickly adopt and deploy a new system. Our solutions can be rapidly deployed to almost any virtualised environment.

By design, the implementation is low-risk and low-maintenance, but also highly flexible and extensible.

About Myriad Technologies

Myriad Technologies is an Australian-based creator of industry-leading Microsoft technologies and information management solutions. Leveraging our specialist technical skills, we have also gained extensive experience in the defence sector.

Myriad Technologies has worked closely with the New Zealand and Australian Defence Forces to extend and improve their capabilities.

Solving the Ship IM Challenge

Communicating and collaborating securely from land to sea or over oceans is a major technological challenge.