The new BayPanel 822 WDA from Baytek combines the features most commonly requested by maritime monitor users perfectly in one product.

Legibility under bright sunlight and reflections

Anyone who has tried to view images on a monitor in bright sunlight knows that good weather can also have a downside. This is a big problem for maritime users in particular, who are also familiar with the problem of reflections from the water.

With the new BayPanel 822-WDA, Baytek is now offering a maritime widescreen monitor which presents a perfectly legible image even in extremely bright environments. The LED back lighting ensures that the image is lit over the whole area, and can be dimmed from 0% to 100%. Another advantage of this technology is the high contrast ratio and low power draw.

Widescreen format – larger screen and improved presentation

Ergonomists have already been recommending the widescreen format for a long time, since the eyes tend to orient themselves more in the horizontal than vertical plane. Thus it is much easier for the viewer to keep an overview over multiple applications which are open at the same time

In addition, the pixel size of 0.282 ensures fatigue-free work, as all details are shown clearly. Improved presentation and legibility of portrait format text and maps is also ensured. As an example, two DINA4 pages can be shown side by side on the BayPanel 822 WDA in their original size.