SonarL-3 Klein is pleased to announce the success of NOAA’s initiative to conduct studies to identify the essential habitats of the eastern Bearing Sea species.

The collaborative effort between L-3 Klein and NOAA to improve the Klein 7180, Long-Range Side Scan Sonar for this mission was truly a team effort, allowing us to successfully upgrade the Klein 7180 for fish-habitat research. L-3 Klein thanks NOAA for the opportunity to take part in this Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping project.

With the changes taking place in the arctic regions and new sea channels becoming navigable for longer periods, it is Klein’s view that the Klein 7180 is a broad swath coverage tool that can be utilized for hydrographic reconnaissance in the arctic. The 7180 side scan system can be operated at a max speed of 12k and with a swath coverage of 1km allows for survey efficiency to be greatly increased, thereby reducing costs and time required to complete arctic missions. The 1km swath coverage makes the L-3 Klein 7180 a safer alternative for surveying near shore areas

The following summary of events is reported by NOAA: