Hale Hamilton will be holding a workshop which will give guidance on the defence and security markets.

The event will take place at the office of Hale Hamilton Valves in Uxbridge on Wednesday 26 November.

It will be useful for those who are trying to expand their defence/security exports in areas such as Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, the Philippines and Singapore, as well as South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Burma.

The workshop will examine the economic, political, security and trade control context of each of these countries. The main areas of opportunity and risk for exporters of controlled goods and clarify Technical Assurance requirements will also be covered.

Richard Tauwhare, a former diplomat with over 30 years’ experience in the Foreign Office, will be leading the workshop. He has recently carried out policy work on defence, security and dual use exports. Tauwhare also provides training and tailored advice on UK and US export controls and sanctions, to help UK defence, security and dual use exporters expand their exports to emerging markets.

Bob Simpson, global lead for Naval Ships, Marine Business Development and Innovation at Lloyd’s Register Marine, will also be presenting at the event. He will clarify the technical assurance requirements for naval exports and address misunderstandings for third party certification or inspection.

Those will want to attend the event will have to pay a charge of £150 plus VAT. To register, attendees must email with their contact details.