You are designing a new offshore vessel. Space is tight. You need to integrate a davit. Easy. You click on Vestdavit’s new digital library and download the drawings you need and paste theminto the design. It’s that simple.

Sounds too good to be true?

This is what Stig Roe Hauge, chief designer at Skipsteknisk in Ålesund, says about Vestdavit’s web portal of davit drawings, SolidComponents. "I am certain this has made my workday a whole lot easier.

"Instead of having to make phone calls and getting heavy files sent as emails, all I have to do is
log in and select a davit that fits my design. Then I simply download the drawing in the format I require."

Stig has been designing offshore vessels in Ålesund for the past eight years and has spent a lot of time getting his hands on drawings of equipment that need to be integrated at the early phases of designing a ship.

He comments: "I no longer need to make a phone call or wait for heavy email downloads. Vestdavit’s digital library is available 24/7 and the highly compressed files come down very

"The drawings are always updated and provide accurate measurements. I can also find extra equipment and pivots for the davit if I need them."

Give drawings on demand a try in the format you need. Go to www.vestdavit.n.