Seismic workboats keep getting bigger.

Several factors drive the move to larger boats. One is a need to move crews of up to 40 passengers safely. Another is a call for to re-provision in larger amounts.

However, the main driver is technology changes which create the need to transport larger items of equipment and make in-water cleaning of seismic cables possible. That needs a safe, which means large, work platform.

Seismic work boats were typically up to seven tonnes in weight, but today there is already demand for 15t scantling water line (SWL) davits. Usually at this size davits need to be twin arm with two falls, but Vestdavit has been able to bring the safe handling and simplicity of single arm davits up to this capacity.

Single arm davits are easier for the boat crew to engage and disengage. They also enable boat handling in heavier sea conditions than twin arm davits. That means more time on task as the boats can be used in higher sea states.

The davits also occupy less space on the crowded decks of seismic and seismic support vessels.

Seismic support vessels often need to handle the workboats of different seismic ships they support. That means they require a davit which can lift and stow a range of boats. Single fall davits are ideal for this.

Vestdavit has already supplied eight single arm PLR-15000 workboat davits, including two for Norway’s Sanco Shipping.

Sanco is a leader in designing and operating seismic support vessels. These davits are able to lift workboats up to 15 tonnes with one wire fall and will be used on vessels on long term charter to support PGS seismic vessels.

The new PLR-15000 davit is delivered in standard configuration with shock absorber, self-tension, control desk, wire hauler and hydraulic end stop. Two cylinders are included on the davit, which are used for pivoting, enhancing safety.

The winch is C-606, specially developed for this davit’s SWL, and built in accordance with the life saving appliances (LSA) code for lifting of personnel.

A multi-boat cradle fitted to the davit makes it versatile, as well as adaptable to various boat sizes and hull shapes.

Big is beautiful for seismic workboats, but big also has to be safe and simple to use. That’s why Vestdavit is the choice of seismic industry leaders.