Following the headlines in the news about security breaches you’ll notice that the focus of today’s hackers and communication surveillance networks has shifted. While past attacks were mostly designed to destroy data, today’s focus is set on silently stealing data for profit without doing noticeable damage that would alert a user.

If such attacks hit state authorities and governmental data gets into the wrong hands, it can have far-reaching repercussions, threatening not only individual users or personal data but also the stability of a nation.

So, what are the potential dangers if delicate governmental data is compromised?

  • Political destabilization of a nation
  • Damage of the relation with other countries
  • Hinder the operational effectiveness of its forces or intelligence operations
  • Putting the life of key personnel and high ranking officers, or even whole nations at risk

It goes without saying that data of so delicate content needs permanent protection of the highest security level.

High security for high-risk data

Since its inception mils electronic has developed and produced message and data security systems that meet the highest protection requirements of governments worldwide. Our messaging product line guarantees top level protection of data during transmission and when stored.

Many governments have opted for MilsCourier, our application for top-secure data transfer, which allows great flexibility in sending secret data via any transmission channel available. The integrated One Time Key encryption method (only provable unbreakable encryption method) guarantees 100% protection of the data during transmission.

MilsCourier now automatically encrypts stored data

The application now helps preventing human carelessness: The newest version of MilsCourier, release 3.3, automatically encrypts data when stored. So that once a data packet has been received, it’s always stored in encrypted form to the disk, thus guaranteeing that at no time a hacker could read out sensitive information.

For protected data storage, MilsCourier is delivered with our MBC or Mils Block Cipher. With this proprietary block cipher algorithm mils electronic has pushed security one step higher. This algorithm is a more complex and secure version of the AES and can be customised.

So no matter how sophisticated and secret an attack might be, the attacker won’t be able to read out any information, neither during its transmission nor when stored.