Microwave Photonic Systems of West Chester, PA, is pleased to announce the expanded capabilities of the MPS-1800 Field Deployable Fibre Optic Expansion Cable System.

The MPS-1800 is a rugged, reel-style, portable optical cable payout system that can be used wherever temporary optical connections are needed. This optical cable payout reel was originally designed for military use when a temporary base camp is set up, so durability and ease of use were the main concerns.

The cable payout reel is designed around a heavy-duty, polystyrene carrying spool that can quickly deploy multi-conductor high strength optical cable. Ballistic nylon sleeves protect the optical connectors while you are retracting the cable, so there is no need to worry about damaging connectors.

It is compatible with all standard connector types, including standard commercial connectors and circular military multi-conductor connectors. There are two ways to interface with the connections on the reel side: a connector plate that connects to the device with jumper cables or a pigtail, which is concealed under a Velcro panel.

This reel can be ordered pre-wound with your choice of cable and connectors for a true plug-n-play solution. This model has a maximum payout distance up to 450ft depending on the cable specifications.

For longer distances, see the MPS-1900, which has a maximum payout of 1,000ft. Bucket-style optical cable payout systems are also available in 450ft and 1,000ft versions.

Applications include:

  • Network restoration and troubleshooting
  • CATV remote broadcast connectivity
  • OTDR dead zone eliminator and launch cable
  • Military tactical data links
  • Emergency communication link restoration

Options include:

  • Armoured, tactical or standard fibre cable
  • Customised face plates
  • Protective pull eye and connector guard
  • 1,000ft bucket spool on lockable wheels

For product inquiries and technical data call 610 344 7676 or email