Leading defence design consultancy BMT Defence Services, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has delivered a cost-effective web-based solution for reporting safety performance of UK Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft. BMT’s Air Support Safety and Environmental Reporting Tool (ASSERT) was developed by the company’s specialist Software Solutions team based in Bath.

Having worked with BMT on previous successful projects such as HazMat, a management system for the elimination of hazardous materials on UK defence equipment, UK Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support (MOD DE&S) Air Support approached BMT to help develop a solution tailored to the specific needs of the MOD Air Support Operating Centre (OpC).

In addition to a number of other key tasks, the OpC Project Teams are responsible for the safety of UK RAF aircraft by collating and analysing safety performance metrics. The existing process of information gathering was not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. Although numerous existing off-the-shelf reporting software tools exist, BMT worked closely with Air Support teams to initially capture all the essential requirements as well as mapping out the best possible solution.

BMT’s initial project scope recommended a web-enabled software application that could exist on the MOD’s Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI) and enable personnel to capture, view, analyse and report safety performance across the project teams and aircraft quickly and easily, thus greatly reducing the complexity involved in producing high-level safety performance reports. BMT also recommended an incremental development plan, which allowed users to gain quick wins through the rectification of key, urgent problems and also recommended rapid prototyping, which allowed users to familiarise themselves with the system and identify changes as early as possible. Based on the strength of these recommendations and the detailed implementation plan, BMT began developing ASSERT, the Air Support Safety & Environmental Reporting Tool.

As well as using the latest web development technologies to construct a user interface rivalling current desktop applications, all accessible through a web browser, ASSERT enables data integration with existing MOD software systems, providing functionality to facilitate the logging and reporting of a number of key safety criteria, including:

  • Aircraft status reports
  • Project team self assessments
  • Occupational Health Safety and Environmental (OHSE) assessments
  • Safety risks

“BMT has provided outstanding service to the UK MOD Air Support Operating Centre – from capturing and analysing requirements to the design, development, training and support of a software system that meets our needs and has taken safety reporting in the Air Support Operating Centre to an impressively higher level.” says Ted Jeffery from DE&S Air Support – Safety Technology and Integration.

With its on-time and on-budget delivery, along with positive reviews from current users and ease of integration, ASSERT has secured interest from DE&S Combat Air and Helicopters Operating Centres and can also be easily adapted to suit other systems such as maritime and land platforms.