MaxVision LLC unveiled the MaxPac 8040SVW, a rugged high-performance military video workstation today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Military and Government Video Summit.

The MaxPac SVW is available with one or two high-resolution, integrated LCD panels, Intel’s new Core i7-965 extreme edition and a choice of professional video capture cards supporting standard definition (SD) and/or high definition (HD) inputs.

The MaxPac SVW enables “in-the-field” video encoding, capture and streaming in extreme environments such as high temperatures and fine desert dust.

MaxVision specialises in the development and manufacturing of high-performance, rugged portable computers, enabling them to operate in 0° Celsius to 50° Celsius temperature ranges, handle transportation shocks and drops and eliminate dust or fine desert sand intrusions. A variety of video and audio input devices, such as infrared (IR), night vision and high-definition cameras can be used to stream live footage in real-time, providing the in-the-field flexibility required by military and emergency responders.

The MaxPac 8040SVW2 uses Intel’s Core i7-965 (3.2GHz) CPU (previously codenamed Nehalem), 6GB of DDR3 RAM, two removable 3.5in hard drives totaling 3TB of storage, dual integrated LCD monitors and an award-winning HD video encoding card.

Bruce Imsand, MaxVision’s founder and CEO, said: “Because of MaxVision’s proven in-the-field portable computers and close relationship to our military customers, we are pleased to participate in NAB’s military and government video summit. By working with the best-of-class providers, we are able to provide the highest-performing COTS technology in the advanced packaging our armed forces need today.”