BMT has held its first annual conference in the field of software development, bringing together the expertise of the group’s systems architects and web specialists from around the world.

The conference featured capability presentations from each business, including complex web-based applications using the latest AJAX technologies, state-of-the-art 3D visualisations and marine data streaming over the web.

“Our two-day conference in Bath was a huge success. BMT has strong software development capabilities and is developing an enhanced offering that uses its collective expertise and an expanded range of products and services,” says Simon Luck of BMT in Software Solutions. “Software and IT departments are a core part of BMT’s business, both in supporting our technical departments and customers, and in winning and carrying out work in their own right. BMT’s software development activities across the group are being applied to all markets, not just the maritime and defence sectors.”

Current projects

BMT is using the expertise of companies such as BMT ARGOSS, BMT Defence Services and GeoID to produce a new mission planning application. This would use live data streams from satellites, sea sensors and other defence-based systems.

“We also have the potential to supply our 3D visualisation capability to major public gatherings, a sporting event for example,” adds Simon Luck. “Our software would help organisers to manage the events, planning evacuations or deploying security personnel – the beauty of our systems is that they can use any data stream, including GPS, CCTV and traffic sensors.”