MaxVision has won the Best of Show: Most Innovative Desktop award, presented during the recent Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) 2008. ISS 2008 is an event for Intel’s 300 plus premier partners to keep up-to-date with the latest product enhancements and design goals stemming from Intel’s product development roadmap.

The Most Innovative Desktop Solution award is presented to the company that best demonstrates successful deployment and integration of a desktop solution that results in a superior return on investment for the client. MaxVision, an Intel channel partner premier member, is the leader in designing ultimate performance computers in rugged, transportable packaging. MaxVision was also a finalist for the Best of Show: Most Innovative Server Solution 2008 for a new version of its highest density computer, the MaxCube8230XRA.

A custom portable desktop design of MaxVision’s award-winning MaxPac S series won this year’s award. Designated the MaxPac8005S1T, this product is a custom variation of the MaxVision S class portable workstation designed to meet the rough handling, dust, temperature and unique display requirements of the US Customs Agency for use in border crossing, port and airport entry checks. Key to this design was a custom 19in touch display with a limited viewing angle to protect sensitive biometric data from the view of the subject and the ability to handle both the night-time and daytime uses of the display.

Creating custom solutions for demanding problems

Creating a unique design for the US Customs wasn’t unusual for this premier partner. MaxVision creates custom solutions for some of the world’s most demanding problems for portable servers and desktop computing. Unlike most other rugged computing products, MaxVision has mastered the art of taking Intel’s most advanced multi-core technology and injecting it quickly into the marketplace in advanced packaging within months of its availability, providing its customers with the best technology possible.

“Reliable, high-performance and energy efficient technology is important for businesses to succeed,” said Intel’s Eric Thompson, director of North America channel marketing and distribution. “MaxVision’s adaption of Intel’s multi-core server/workstation platform delivers real benefits for customers that have to deploy the absolute best computers into the worst conditions. It is exciting to see MaxVision provide these differentiated products that solve unique challenges for their customers.”

“It’s good to be recognised for the great work our engineers do in the custom design of rugged computer gear for specific applications such as this,” said Bruce Imsand, MaxVision’s founder and CEO. “Nearly 50% of MaxVision products delivered are designed for a specific task or environment. From the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency using our MaxPac8230XRA3 in the Middle East to ESPN doing HD broadcast at NCAA and professional sporting events, MaxVision has and will continue to custom architect rugged portable workstations and servers to meet the performance and durability needs of the customer. It is the foundation of our growth and reputation.”

MaxVision was honoured at the 2008 Intel® Solutions Summit, held 6-9 April at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.