Microwave Photonic Systems Inc. is proud to unleash the MP-5000L Ultra-Wide Band 12 GHz RF/ Fiber Optic Link. The MP-5000L was debuted September 2003 at the Military Electronics Show in Baltimore and was received well amongst the attendees. Al Switzer, the designer of the system, said “This is a very economical system and test results exceed our client’s performance demands. This is the performance they want at a price that is very attractive. We are very excited about this link.”


– Point-to-Point Wideband RF Transmission

– Antenna Remoting (GPS, SATCOM, PCS, etc.)

– Trunking Radio

– Frequency and Timing Distribution

– Telemetry

– Radar Delay Lines

The MP-5000L system is an ultra-wide band, linear analog RF fiber optic link designed to support a wide array of RF over fiber transport applications. It is offered in three configurations: (A) 1.0 MHz to 12 GHz, (B) 1.0 MHz to 6 GHz and (C) 1.0 MHz to 12 GHz. The MP-5000L can be used as the core of an optical Interfacility Link (IFL) subsystem designed to transport radio and satellite up and downlink signals between remote points separated by up to 20 Kms. The transmitter utilizes a 1.3 µm distributed feedback laser that is mated to a singlemode optical fiber. The fiber is terminated with the customer’s choice of optical connectors and fitted to the transmitter’s bulkhead adapter. The transmitter incorporates both optical and thermal stabilization circuitry that ensures constant optical output power over the operational temperature and lifetime of the unit. The receiver utilizes a broadband and low distortion InGaAs PIN photodiode detector that is mated to a singlemode optical fiber.


– RS Protocol- 232/422/485 Options

– High Spur Free Dynamic Range

– Extremely Low Noise DFB Laser

– Optical and Thermal Stabilization

– Internal Optical Isolator

– Signal Monitoring and Alarm Capability

– Uni-Polar Power Supply


Frequency Range: MP-5000L(A): 1.0 MHz to 12 GHz, (min.)

MP-5000L(B): 1.0 MHz to 6 GHz, (min.)

MP-5000L(C): 1.0 MHz to 3 GHz, (min.)

Amplitude Flatness: +/- 2.0 dB,(max.)

Input/Output VSWR: 2.0:1,(max.)

Input Impedance: 50 ohms

RF Gain*: -30 dBm,(min.), -27 dBm, (typ.)

Noise Figure**: 35 dB, (max.), 1.0 MHz to 3 GHz

40 dB, (max.), 3 GHz to 6 GHz

45 dB, (max.), 6 GHz to 12 GHz

Input P1dB: +18 dBm, (min.)

Input IP3: +30 dBm, (min.)

Connectors: RF: SMA (F) / Optical: FC/APC, SC/APC, or AVIM

Wavelength: 1310 nm, (typ.)

Optical Pwr: Output: 3 mW, (min), opt transmitter / Input: 3 mW, (max), opt receiver

DC Power: 9.0 – 15.0 VDC

Temp: Operating: -40°C to +71°C / Storage: -40°C to +85°C

* RF Gain as measured input to output with a resistively matched receiver and 1.5 mW of optical power at the detector. Receivers with integrated post-amplifiers are available.

** NF measured with a resistively matched receiver and 1.5 mW of optical power at the detector. Integrated pre-amplifiers are available if lower NFs are required.