L3 Technologies has introduced the innovative Orchid® Immersive Experience (Orchid IX) display technology.

Orchid IX is the latest in display technology for accurate 3D immersion without the use of VR headsets. It makes 3D content come alive at a near-retinal resolution in a collaborative and interactive environment.

With Orchid IX, project teams will be able to simplify the design and review Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows to increase productivity, minimise project risks and improve project outcomes. Orchid IX enables virtual visits of high-value new-build projects to facilitate finalisation of designs.

The technology supports realistic asset visualisations for planning and training on ships, submarines and power plants, including refurbishment, radiation worker training and decommissioning.

L3 Maritime International business division interim president Rangesh Kasturi said: “As soon as we saw this cool technology, we knew we could offer several benefits to our customers seeking advanced visualisation solutions in mission-critical applications.

“We partnered with a local innovator, Imagine 4D, to make Orchid IX available to the world.”

L3 Business Development, Power Systems and Simulation vice president Michael Chatlani said: “Whether performing actions on complex equipment, enhancing worker knowledge, conceptualising and designing small modular reactors, planning plant outages or ship modernisations, monitoring and managing fleet operations, or decommissioning end-of-life plants, Orchid IX provides a safe and highly realistic virtual world to get it done right.

“It’s also a great addition to visitor centers to virtually showcase high-value assets and improve the learning experience for the public.”

Orchid IX is available in three formats – the single-user Immersive Workstation, the three-user Immersive Theater and the six-to-ten person Immersive Auditorium. The product is available for shipbuilders, architects, planners, engineers, project managers and operators of naval vessels, commercial marine vessels, power plants, and innovation and training centers, as well as other interested marine and power industry stakeholders.

To make an appointment to experience Orchid IX firsthand, please contact the company via the enquiry form.