On 1 November 2018, Inission AB acquired Simpro Holding AS, which consists of Simpro AS i Løkken and Noca AS in Trondheim.

Inission is a total supplier of tailored production and logistics services in the field of advanced industrial electronics. The company’s strategy is to grow through acquisitions in order to become one of the most prominent contract manufacturers in electronics in the north.

For the past six years, seven companies have been incorporated into Inission and now Inission is well on the way to becoming one of the top five electronics manufacturers in the Nordic region. By acquiring Simpro Holding AS, the production facilities, Simpro AS, and Noca AS has become a part of the growth in the Nordic.

There will be no organisational changes in either Simpro AS or Noca AS, and no customer relations will be affected by this acquisition. We believe that this acquisition will enhance the ability of Simpro AS and Noca to deliver better services and support to our customers.