Vestdavit and Hukkelberg Boats are now working together to create new business prospects in the boat manufacturing sector.

The new associates aim to work together in forthcoming projects involving dive-boats, ROVs, wind turbine support vessels, and crew transfer boats, with each recommending the products of the other.

Vestdavit Sales and Business Development director Bjørnar Dahle says that established PLR-12000 and PAP-15000 davits provide the focus for the new agreement. The proven performance of these davits in the demanding seismic and windfarm vessel sectors should prove persuasive for new clients in the dive boat sector, where safe and reliable operations are no less critical.

Opportunities in the offshore market are resurfacing after a long dry spell, according to Hukkelberg Boats sales manager Kenneth Dale.

Dale added: “Our boats are very well known, especially in the oil market, but there is significant potential from other sectors such as the aquaculture industry and wind turbine markets.

“We look forward to working with Vestdavit in an exciting initiative for both companies.”

Dahle stated: “The offshore market is changing. We are seeing new requirements in the North Sea, for example, as new technology unlocks the potential for more subsea operations.

“Dive boats and ROVs are increasingly becoming tools of choice for maintenance activities.”

As companies of around the same size and with the same philosophy when it comes to design innovation and product performance, Vestdavit and Hukkelberg make a formidable team, Dahle has stated.

The new pairing made its presence felt at the Offshore Technology Days, Stavanger in mid-October, where Hukkelberg customer SubseaPartner exhibited a state-of-the-art light dive boat, held in place by a davit from Vestdavit. The outdoor exhibit drew a stream of visitors, according to Dahle.