Schill, a global leader in advanced alignment solutions, is pleased to announce that Canada National Defence has chosen the Aligner 308 static aligner systems to elevate the precision and performance of their naval weaponry and sensor systems. In this acquisition, Canada National Defence has procured three Aligner 308 systems, which will be primarily deployed to serve the Halifax-class frigates. Schill takes immense pride and excitement in being the preferred supplier for this vital project.

The Aligner 308 is celebrated as the industry’s premier static aligner system, purpose-built to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the alignment of naval weaponry and sensor systems, all while the vessel remains afloat. Schill’s cutting-edge technology empowers naval personnel to conduct precise calibration and alignment, ensuring optimal functionality and readiness.

The Halifax-class frigates constitute a cornerstone of Canada’s naval fleet, and maintaining the peak performance of their weaponry and sensor systems is paramount. With the acquisition of Schill’s Aligner 308 systems, Canada National Defence is taking a significant step towards maintaining its naval assets at the highest standard.

Schill has a long-standing legacy of delivering innovative and dependable aligner systems to naval forces across the globe. We are dedicated to providing Canada National Defence with state-of-the-art technology and unwavering support to ensure the success of their maritime missions.

We are truly honored that Canada National Defence has selected Schill Reglerteknik as their trusted partner for this critical endeavor. We eagerly anticipate working closely with Canada to deliver the best solutions and support for their naval operations,” John Forsell CEO at Schill.