Transparency International Defence & Security has published the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index (DCI) 2020 results, according to which Patria was ranked in the second-highest category B. Based on public information, the companies were evaluated on a scale of A – F, with A being the best.

Patria has been cooperating with Transparency International during the different phases of the survey and appreciates the work they do in promoting transparency and anti-corruption measures.

“We are pleased with the result – Patria achieved its goal. We are a responsible operator in the defence sector developing systematically the various areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our principal focus has been on highlighting transparency, importance of ethical operating methods and anti-bribery measures. Our entire personnel participate in regular online trainings and we have also promoted ethical operation in our subcontracting chain. Corporate Social Responsibility is a broad field that requires continuous development in all sectors. Our operating environment is constantly changing, which requires active and continuous CSR development work,” says Patria’s President and CEO Esa Rautalinko.

The DCI sets standards for transparency, accountability and anti-corruption programmes in the defence sector. Transparency analysed what companies are publicly committing to in terms of their openness, policies and procedures. The DCI 2020 assessed 134 of the world’s leading defence companies across 38 countries.

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