UAS Global Services, a Texas based company, is pleased to announce the addition of the Anzen EG-1250 unmanned aircraft to its fleet.

The Anzen EG-1250 provides a Group 3, heavy lift, multidrop, long endurance, and flexible platform to greatly expand both the services and operational support offerings from UAS Global Services.

Basic Specifications include:

• MTOW 250 lbs
• Endurance up to 6 hours
• Payload capability 75 lbs
• Cruise Speed 65 kts
• A range of twin rotor discs up to 8ft diameter
• All weather day and night capability

The “EG” in Anzen EG-1250 stands for an electric and gas dual engine configuration. The primary engine is the Skypower SP-180 SRE. This is the first helicopter integration for this powerful, fuel-efficient rotary engine.

The secondary engine is a NeuMotors 12030/5.5. This 30KW electric motor can power the aircraft or act as a power boost in combination with the Skypower rotary SP-180 SRE. Along with the extra power and safety backup that comes from dual engines the Anzen EG-1250 is autorotation capable and offers an optional safety parachute system.

UAS-GS was commissioned to develop this ground-breaking dual rotor platform by Ireland based UAV Evolution Ltd.

With over 5 years in development, this highly versatile design allows for many powerplant, payload, and operational options. This platform flexibility enables the Anzen EG-1250 to support a diversity of sector clients including Maritime, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Utility, Cargo Delivery, ISR to name but a few.

The development and launch of the class leading performance Anzen EG-1250 once again demonstrates UAS Global Services ability to deliver and exceed its client and customer expectations.

It also shows by application how its R&D, prototyping, testing, integration and extensive operational experience can be applied in developing a high performance platform that can be configured as required for broad global and sector applications.

For further information on how UAS-Global Services and the Anzen EG-1250 platform can support your business please meet us at AUVSI show Atlanta Booth 2498.

UAS Global Services is a Texas based UAS specialist company offering a complete suite of services to customers based on decades of real world unmanned experience.

The end-to-end services include research and development, prototype development, systems and sensor integration, platform design, training and consultancy. Operational services include data collection and data processing utilizing a diverse range of platforms and sensors including but not limited to RGB cameras, Multispectral, Flir and LiDAR.

UAS Global Services offers a turnkey solution to customers and clients ensuring they have a UAS solution that is fit for purpose.

UAV Evolution Ltd was established in Ireland 2015 with a focus on developing a class leading unmanned aircraft with an initial focus on offshore support in challenging environmental conditions.

Like it’s platform UAV Evolution has been adapting to meet new customer needs in many sectors and is now commercialising the platform with its development partner UAS Global Services.

Having also signed a recent Memorandum of Agreement with Insitu Pacific to explore heavy lift vertical take off and landing platform integration for activities such as ship to shore replenishment, industrial delivery and general UAV operations on common command and control architecture.