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AEI Cables

Cable and Wiring Products for Naval Fleets

Durham Road,
Co. Durham,
DH3 2RA Other,
United Kingdom

Durham Road,
Co. Durham,
DH3 2RA Other,
United Kingdom

As one of the most respected cable manufacturers in the world, AEI Cables is committed to quality, safety and service with no compromise. We invest in expertise in research, raw materials, design and manufacture, ultimately delivering nothing but the best products.

We have been making cables and satisfying challenging market demands and applications around the world for more than 170 years. In that time, much has changed, and we are still helping to lead the industry with our commitment to the research of polymers, raw materials, cable design and the adaptation of our products to new applications.

We are designing, manufacturing and delivering a range of cables for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier programme and we have delivered cables for prestige projects such as Manchester Airport, the White City complex and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

AEI’s products come with the assurance of a range of approvals from independent bodies including BASEC and LPCB covering design, manufacture and supply. We also hold approvals from organisations such as Lloyds, MoD, Network Rail and LUL, and work to international standards around the world, including US and Canadian approval systems.

Cables for naval ships and aircraft carriers

We have been awarded a major contract to supply cables to help build the next generation of aircraft carriers for the British fleet, the largest ships to enter service in the UK.

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance awarded the prestigious contract to AEI Cables for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier programme.

Working with our partners, we will be designing and manufacturing the full range of cable and wiring to supply power, lighting, data communications, fire protection and alarm circuits, which need to operate in the most demanding of conditions.

Meanwhile, we have been supplying cabling for the new Type 45 Anti Air Warfare Destroyer programme for the Royal Navy. An extensive range of cables for the programme to prime contractor BAE Systems includes control cables, weapons cables and medium voltage propulsion cables as the main source of power.

Wire and cable products for naval defence applications

Our cable products for the defence industry include:

  • Cables to Defence Standard 02-526 (NES526)
    • Table B1: single core
    • Table B4: single and multicore
    • Table B6: multicore (degaussing)
    • Table B8: multicore (special flexing and screen)
    • Table B10: multicore (collective screen)
  • Cables to Defence Standard 02-527 (NES527)
    • Table C1: single core
    • Table C2: two and three core
    • Table C5: multipair (collective screen)
    • Table C7: multipair (individual screen))
    • Table C11: miniature multicore (individual/collective screen)
  • Cables to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 25
    • Table 4: multicore 0.20mm2
    • Table 8, 24: multicore 1.50mm2
    • Table 14, 26: multicore (collective screen) 1.00mm2)
    • Table 17: multipair (individual screen) 0.35mm2
    • Table 27: multicore (collective screen) 1.50mm2
  • Cables to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 27
    • Table 10: FEPDS
  • Wires to Defence Standard 61-12 Part 18

If you need technical advice, or just want a consultation with one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cable Standards for Naval Vessels

Since mankind took to the seas there has been an important distinction between vessels for commercial purposes and those for naval use. As time passed shipping has developed using the technologies available at any given time.

Ducab Acquires UK’s AEI Cables

Leading north-east cable manufacturer AEI Cables has been acquired by a major Middle Eastern-based company, securing the future of the business and 200 jobs.

AEI Cables

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