DCNS Group

Warship Integration, Security and Information Systems and Equipment

The DCNS Group is a front-ranking European player in the world market for naval defense systems. To meet customer demands for more comprehensive and integrated solutions, DCNS acts as prime contractor for naval shipbuilding and support by combining its own development, marketing and production capabilities with those of selected partners.

To manage the complexity of naval shipbuilding projects, DCNS draws on its own in-house expertise in naval architecture, principal warship systems engineering, the management of ship assembly and integration, and equipment design and production as well as through-life support.

  • In France, DCNS has contributed tio the construction of the following vessels for the French Navy:
  • The nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine (SSBN) Le Terrible,
  • The multi-mission European frigate (FREMM)
  • The Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarine

The group also provides through-life support for active vessels (nuclear-powered attach submarines, the SSBN Le Téméraire, torpedoes, support vessels (supply tankers, logistic support vessels, etc.) and, more recently, the refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of the aircraft carrier CVN Charles-de-Gaulle.

Throughout the world, DCNS rises to local challenges with solutions based on cutting-edge technology and sheer power as, for example, in Singapore with the Horizon frigate or in Malaysia with the Scorpène submarine.

Integrated warships

As a prime contractor for integrated warships, DCNS draws on extensive in-house expertise in naval architecture, warship systems engineering, ship assembly and integration, and equipment design and production as well as through-life support for the many types of surface combatants and submarines that the Group designs and markets to client navies all over the world.

Warship security and information systems and equipment

From information systems and command aids to propulsion systems, weapon systems and simulators, to name but a few, DCNS offers a vast portfolio of naval systems, subsystems and equipment.

Naval services

DCNS also boasts proven expertise in services. Leveraging naval service solutions designed to improve vessel reliability and availability and crew efficiency, the Group is now expanding into new areas like infrastructure, networks and maintenance, which covers operational support services and maintenance for industrial facilities in the defence and civil sectors.

Marine renewable energy

Attentive to both the market and its customers, DCNS is applying existing know-how to new areas with strong prospects, including civil nuclear energy and marine renewable energy.

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