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Heavy-Fuel Aircraft Engines for Naval Applications

3W International

3W International (3W) supplies patented next-generation heavy-fuel (HF) engines for helicopters, unmanned fixed wings, and hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the naval industry.

Two-stroke aircraft engines for naval applications

3W offers a wide array of customisable two-stroke engines in one, two or four-cylinder configurations.

All engines are available as a twin-spark (TS) version for increased safety and reliability.

Available with auxiliary systems, carburettor or electronic injection, 3W engines are custom-made according to the required performance parameters, or the used aircraft or fuel type.

The company also offers a range of complete propulsion systems ready for immediate deployment.

Lightweight Wankel engines for increased field payloads

The 3W-180 SRE Wankel Rotary UAV Engine is a compact hybrid cycle engine, which is lightweight and offers a high power-to-weight ratio, enabling higher payloads during field operations. With the hybrid-boost power capabilities, an additional 15KW simplifies its lift-off or acceleration processes.

The engine can be powered using gas or HF, so the company also supplies a standard manifold or a high-pressure injection (HPI).

Muffler systems to reduce engine volume

3W's mufflers use a type of turbine wheels that are permanently installed in a cylinder to increase performance while simultaneously minimising the volume.

Individual, wheel-mounted fins are organised in defined angles to level out the exhaust gas' sound wave.

Innovative technologies for optimal TBO

3W specifies time-before-overhauling (TBO) timeframes that vary from 400-600 hours, depending on the conditions of use, engine maintenance, and the RPM range.

Optimal performance is possible if engines are driven at moderate speeds and regularly serviced.

About 3W International

3W's wide variety of long-term tests is individually adapted according to customer specifications, and performed using high-tech measuring instruments.

The company's high-performance engines highlight a combination of its technical expertise, more than 35 years of industry experience, tradition and innovative production capabilities.

From R&D, testing, purchasing, manufacturing and calibration to in-time delivery, 3W guarantees constant and permanent quality control and its personnel are directly responsible for maintaining the company's high level of standards.

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