Onboard Flooring and Deck Covering Systems


Bolidt's experience in decking systems and synthetic solutions has been developed and proven for over 50 years. This makes Bolidt a reliable partner of Defence in many different areas. Because all products are developed and produced at our in-house laboratory and production facility, Bolidt is able to guarantee constant innovation. The future in synthetic products and systems is already available today. You can find the Bolideck systems onboard fleet support ships, amphibious transport ships and frigates. Besides decking systems, Bolidt also supplies solutions for embedded helirail constructions, grouting compounds and ballast compound.

Worldwide experience

Bolidt's specialists travel the world to carry out a wide range of projects. Many of Bolidt's International Defence activities concern international naval projects. The Royal Navy, UAE Navy, Swedish Coastguard, Indonesian Navy, Moroccan Navy, German Navy, Belgium Naval Component and the Royal Netherlands Navy are equipped with Bolidt.

Since the launch of a special ship deck covering that easily withstands chemical attacks, Bolidt has never been out of the defence-picture. The newly developed B1 & B2 systems endure extremely high forces, without losing their aesthetic qualities. Since they are able to withstand nearby bomb explosions, they are also suitable around specific areas such as gun positions.

No limits

Bolidt does not only supply systems for the activities of defence at sea, but for the army facilities ashore as well. For every area, a different solution is provided. As an example, there is the Bolideck Helideck system, which is a great support to helicopters taking off and landing safely onboard as well as onshore. The innovative Galley deck fulfills the need for hygienic flooring that is easy to maintain and resistant to intensive use for the onshore barrack kitchens and the galleys on board different navy vessels. All the solutions rely on their own outstanding qualities. The systems installed in a hangar are resistant to very high stress loads, anti slip and wear resistant, whereas the systems for military research labs and hospitals have to be impermeable to fluids and resistant to chemicals.

Innovation and certification

Bolidt aims at innovation, production and worldwide distribution, followed by application by our own specialists. Reducing the use of thinners in coatings and improving the durability of the decking systems is also part of Bolidt's objectives for Defence. Quality and sustainability are of great importance. Therefore, Bolidt participates in research programs cooperating directly with navies, naval shipyards and contractors. The systems of Bolidt are ISO 9001, 14001 and VCA certified.

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