Concept: Indian software company SoftTech Engineers (SoftTech) has launched CivitBUILD, a cloud-based and AI-powered construction ERP (enterprise resource planning) Software based on the SaaS (software as a service) Model. It aims to help the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) business in India drive digital transformation.

Nature of Disruption: CivitBUILD uses AI and ML to meet the complicated challenges of today’s construction industry. For all-around construction project success, the platform can easily simplify all construction operations such as project scheduling, estimation, material procurement, project progress monitoring, inventory management, accounting, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The cloud-based solution is accessible from any location at any time, connects different project locations, and generates dynamic reports and dashboards in real-time. This assists businesses in avoiding cost and schedule overruns by allowing them to make well-informed and timely strategic decisions at various phases of the project.

Outlook: Within competitive industries, construction companies are continuously under pressure to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce spending, and increase profits. Today’s AEC firms must adhere to stricter construction budgets and deadlines, as well as stay up with the ever-changing technology landscape. CivitBUILD can assist users to optimize their businesses as an end-to-end construction lifecycle management solution. This construction ERP end-to-end manages all aspects of the construction lifecycle cost-effectively and economically as a one-stop solution. The solution can digitally transform the organization’s processes and streamline all workflows, offering users complete control and insight over their operations.

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