Concept: California’s software startup Rubrik has rolled out Rubrik Security Cloud to help businesses secure their data across the enterprise, cloud, and SaaS (Software as a Service) workloads. Customers can use this data security platform to defend their data, recover rapidly, and thrive in the new cyber landscape.

Nature of Disruption: Rubrik Security Cloud protects data by combining multi-factor authentication-based access control with immutable, logically air-gapped data security. It constantly monitors and analyses data threats, such as Ransomware monitoring and investigation, using ML to detect data anomalies, encryptions, deletions, and revisions. The platform’s sensitive data monitoring solution assists in locating and classifying the most sensitive data as well as assessing the risk of data theft. Its Threat Monitoring and Hunting solution can retrieve the last known clean copy of data and identify indicators of infiltration. Whether it’s a file, application data, or bulk recovery for the entire enterprise, Rubrik Security Cloud can instantly contain attacks and restore data. To assist in safer recovery, Rubrik’s new Threat Containment functionality quarantines malware and restricts user access to compromised data.

Outlook: Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and ransomware is on the rise.  Businesses are looking for new ways, such as combining infrastructure and data security investments to provide security from the data standpoint. Rubrik’s Security Cloud, which is built on Rubrik Cloud Vault and Microsoft Azure integrations, seeks to assist businesses to speed up their zero-trust journey. The startup also launched the Data Security Command Center, which enables users to quickly determine whether data is secure and recoverable during a cyberattack. Customers can now discover which of their data is at risk and receive recommendations on security measures. In August 2021, Microsoft has reportedly invested $4 billion in Rubrik to expand their partnership.

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