Concept: American company Moen has unveiled the industry’s first whole-home connected water product suite called Moen Smart Water Network to help consumers take control of and conveniently monitor their home’s water. It allows users to regulate all aspects of water in their homes, from the water flowing through pipes and exiting the faucet to the groundwater in the basement, all through a single smartphone app.

Nature of Disruption: The Moen Smart Water Network is an integrated system that allows users to monitor their water usage and discover leaks in their pipes 24/7. It enables customers to regulate the temperature and volume of water they need from their smart faucet, as well as cut off the water before a catastrophic leak affects the property, with all items controlled and operating together within the Moen Smart Water App. Homeowners also can track water usage in their homes, room by room, using Moen smart water gadgets. This information also assists users in setting conservation goals and becoming more resource-conscious. It enables users to configure preferred motions for the operation of smart faucets with Motion Govern in the app, as well as set unique presets that control the particular temperature and amount of water supplied by their faucet. Users can also use their smart speakers to activate fixtures, adjust water temperatures, and dispense exact measurements for fully contactless operations by connecting the Moen smart water devices to their existing smart home platform.

Outlook: Moen intends to make water smarter for households by letting them design their smart water ecosystem with the products, features, and benefits that are most important to them. Its Smart Water Security System eliminates leak concerns and reduces the risk of unexpected water damage. It empowers people to tap into the hidden network of water flowing via pipes and valves behind their home’s walls, allowing them to regulate, use, and conserve water easily. Moen Smart Water products are seemingly simple to install and respond more intuitively to the demands of the homeowner, giving them peace of mind, security, conservation, and customizability. Each product in the ecosystem can function independently or interact with other smart water devices via the smartphone app.

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