Concept: Indian software development startup Lucidity has launched an autonomous storage orchestration solution called Lucidity Auto-Scaler to keep cloud block storage neat, tidy, and cost-efficient. Lucidity claims its no operations (NoOps) orchestration layer can make a company’s cloud block storage 70% cheaper and 10 times faster, without any code changes. 

Nature of Disruption: Lucidity resides between enterprise cloud storage and application, and it generates an intelligence layer over any block storage database, application server disks, or Kubernetes. Lucidity Auto-Scaler eliminates capacity planning and manual provisioning of disks. It boasts to improve disk utilization from 35% to 80% and lower costs by up to 70%. With no changes to the application code or re-architecture, enterprises can move any software to the cloud and benefit from quicker, more dependable, and less expensive block storage. Moreover, it enables users to keep their data in cloud storage and benefit from cloud-native features for their lift and shift applications without any code changes.

Outlook: Although cloud storage is costly, many businesses often overprovision, reducing their overall return on investment. Lucidity addresses this problem by providing businesses with a set of automated tools for managing block storage more efficiently. In September 2022, the startup raised $5.3 million in seed capital from AlphaWave Investments, Beenext, Blume, Bold Capital, and NuVentures. The fresh funding will be allocated to its US go-to-market strategy. Enterprise and upper mid-market businesses that are cloud transient, or in the process of shifting, make up the majority of Lucidity’s clientele, as mentioned.

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