Concept: California’s startup has launched Interplay 7, a low-code platform aimed at speeding up AI-driven enterprise innovation and go-to-market strategies. It helps clients to rapidly build and deploy applications at scale. Interplay 7 speeds up the development of chatbots, voice, NLP (natural language processing), AI, Blockchain, and data apps. 

Nature of Disruption: Interplay 7 is a low-code, drag-and-drop AI platform that allows innovation apps to be quickly designed and marketed using modularized, pre-built components. This can subsequently be deployed into production environments. Interplay 7’s AI workflow can handle large datasets and has multiple nodes, offering a granular and configurable experience for developers. The platform provides data scientists with eight-node blocks that enable them to quickly improve data analysis by modifying, cleaning, or separating uploaded data. Users can use different pre-built templates to add UX (User experience) components, which range from graphs to maps to eCommerce interfaces. Interplay 7’s Figma Code automates the conversion of design files into flexible and production-ready react code, speeding up development. With a single click, data scientists can import code from the popular Jupyter platform into Interplay 7. Moreover, it includes built-in object character recognition/robotic process automation (OCR/RPA) capabilities, allowing for faster document and content extraction.

Outlook: The demand for low-code platforms has increased due to a shortage of competent software engineers and the need to increase turnaround time for development projects. By lowering the technical barrier to entry, the business experience can be applied to processes like ML training, automation, and inference. Interplay 7 provides templates for industry verticals such as healthcare, retail, automotive, and oil and gas, instead of being a general tool that assists users to connect to data sources and build out an AI-enabled application. Moreover, the platform can be customized to create applications that are not included in the existing templates. The low-code platform claims to enable development 17x faster than traditional coding as a one-stop solution. Pampered Chef, Ulta Beauty, Circle K, and Jockey are among the startup’s customers.

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