Concept: California’s startup Dedrone has unveiled DedroneRapidResponse, a portable drone detecting unit that can be instantly deployed to constantly check the airspace and assure uninterrupted air safety. It claims to be able to detect, identify, locate, and analyze around 300 different types of drones. 

Nature of Disruption: DedroneRapidResponse employs cloud-enabled software to localize the drone, delivering information about its cargo and the pilot’s location once the drone is turned on. As a result, security forces can have a major advantage over a pilot preparing to fly into a no-fly zone. The startup boasts that the tower can be set up in under 30 minutes and has a detection range of 5km due to a multi-layered system with two cameras that can track numerous drones at once. Dedrone can also connect numerous trailers to provide optimal drone protection for large public safety events. Dedrone’s AI-powered technology is available as a transportable platform coupled to a 9-15m high tower that can be easily carried and maneuvered on a trailer by an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or truck.

Outlook: Dedrone intends to use the DedroneRapidResponse system in scenarios when multi-layered, agile, and adaptable drone detection is required, such as special events or other large outdoor gatherings. It offers a multi-layered mobile security solution that makes it simple to address a city’s, agency’s, or company’s airspace security demands quickly, assuring the safety of people, property, and information against drone threats. The solution can also be used to protect public safety at big events such as sporting events, mass gatherings, crime scenes, parades, police activity, and concerts. In December 2021, Axon led a $30.5 million Series C funding round for the startup. Dedrone’s solution is said to be employed by the governments of four G-7 countries, nine federal agencies in the US including the Department of Defense, and more than 65 critical infrastructure locations, 20 airports, 50 correctional facilities, and ten Fortune 500 corporations throughout the world.

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