Concept: South Korean startup Breathings has launched a breath analysis device called Bulo for monitoring and improving lung health. By simply breathing into the device, it can measure and assess the state of the user’s lungs.

Nature of Disruption: BULO is linked with the user’s phone through Bluetooth and integrates with an app. It is essential to breathe into the device for six seconds. The data is subsequently delivered to the phone, where it is presented via a specific algorithm. The user’s lung capacity, lung endurance, and even the age of their lungs are all included in the results. It also recommends personalized breathing exercises for users based on their results to improve lung health and keep track of their daily progress. It can provide outcomes on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Outlook: Bulo was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when lung health became a priority. The startup intends to help user to strengthen their respiratory system, enhance their breathing capacity, and improve their breathing endurance. The combination of all three of these elements could result in better physical performance, attention, and general stamina by enabling a greater and more efficient oxygen intake. Bulo can provide data and statistics that are organized in such a way that users can train in an intelligent way to improve their overall performance in their everyday activities. Breathings has presented the Bulo device at CES 2022.

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