Udaloy class anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Vinogradov.
The Udaloy class is based on the Krivak-class anti-submarine ship.
The ship class is armed with SS-N-14 anti-submarine missile launchers.
A side ciew of Udaloy-class destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov.
The ship has an aft flight deck and two helicopter hangars to support the operations of two Ka-27 Helix-A ASW helicopters.

Udaloy-Class Anti-Submarine Destroyer

The Udaloy Class of anti-submarine destroyers were built for the Russian Navy between 1980 and 1999. As of 2010, eight destroyers were in service. Two vessels – Project 1155 Fregat I (Udaloy I) and Project 1155.1 Fregat II (Udaloy II) – were designed by Russian state-owned company Severnoye Design Bureau.

The Udaloy II is a modified version of Udaloy I. Twelve Udaloy I and one Udaloy II-class vessels were built at Severnaya Verf and Yantar Shipyards. The Udaloy I-class ships were commissioned between 1980 and 1991 while the first ship in the Udaloy II class, Admiral Chabanenko (BPK 650), was commissioned in 1999. The second, Admiral Basisty, was scrapped during construction.

The Udaloy I vessels have a long cruising range, anti-submarine and replenishment capabilities, and can be deployed to support the surface fleet. The Udaloy II Class is designed to balance the anti-submarine and anti-ship capabilities.

The Admiral Kulakov, a Udaloy I vessel, has been given a major overhaul; the ship arrived at the Severomorsk Naval Base in December 2010 after an 18-year modernisation. On 5 January 2011, a fire broke out in the mess room of the vessel, but no major damage was sustained.

Udaloy Class destroyer design

The Udaloy Class is based on the Krivak-class anti-submarine vessel. Designed as an anti-submarine warfare ship, the Udaloy has limited anti-surface and anti-air capabilities. The class is considered an equivalent to Spruance-class destroyers of the US Navy. The Udaloy II vessel incorporates modern defence and sonar systems, and a gas-turbine engine.

The vessel has an overall length of 163m, a beam of 19.3m and a draught of 6.2m. The displacement of the ship is 6,200t. The Udaloy has a maximum speed of 29kt and a range of 10,500nm at 14kt.

"The Udaloy class is based on the Krivak-class anti-submarine vessel."


The destroyers are armed with eight SS-N-14 anti-submarine missiles and Kinzhal vertical launchers for SA-N-9 surface-to-air missiles. The SA-N-9 missile can intercept aerial targets within a range of 12km. The Udaloy II is equipped with eight SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missiles.


A twin-barrel 100mm naval gun and four 30mm Gatling guns are mounted on the vessel. The ship has an Altair CADS-N-1 Kashtan CIWS to defend anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles and guided bombs. There are also two RBU-6000 213mm-calibre anti-submarine rocket launchers fitted on the ship.

The Udaloy II is armed with a twin 130mm gun and SAM CIWS /Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-6-30 30mm cannons.


The Udaloy I Class is fitted with two 553mm torpedo tubes launching eight Type-53 anti-submarine torpedoes. These tubes have been retained in the Udaloy II, and can be used to fire SS-N-15 missiles. The UDAV-1 anti-torpedo weapon system on board the Udaloy II provides a multi-layer defence against torpedoes.


The ship has an aft flight deck and two helicopter hangars to support the operations of two Ka-27 Helix-A ASW helicopters. The hangar doors serve as a ramp to the flight deck.

"The class is considered an equivalent to Spruance-class destroyers of the US Navy."


Countermeasures include the IR laser detector array and PK-2 ship-borne decoy launching system. The system includes decoy launchers, decoy rockets, control consoles and radar. It deceives homing anti-ship missiles by dispensing electronic and optronic decoys. The later ships were installed with a PK-10 shipborne decoy launching system.


The class is fitted with a MGK-355 Polinom sonar suite with Horse Jaw bow-mounted low frequency sonar and Horse Tail low frequency variable depth sonar. The Polinom sonar system was replaced with the modern Zvezda M-2 sonar system in the Udaloy II class. The system has a range of over 100km. Radars include a MR-760MA Fregat-MA / Top Plate 3-D air search radar and a MR-320M Topaz-V / Strut Pair air / surface search radar.


The Udaloy is equipped with a combined gas and gas (COGAG) propulsion system. Two M62 cruise gas turbines and two M8KF boost gas turbines drive two propellers through two independent shafts. These turbines deliver a total of 60,000 shaft horsepower.