Naval Station Everett

The Naval Station Everett provides maintenance and installation support to the fleets of the US Navy and Coast Guard. I


Carrier strike group nine






Utilities, housing units and recreational facilities


The Naval Station Everett provides maintenance and installation support to the fleets of the US Navy and Coast Guard. It is located in the city of Everett, Washington, about 40km north of Seattle.

Designed as a home port for a US Navy carrier strike group, the base accommodates USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and other smaller surface combatants.

History of Naval Station Everett

The proposal for a new naval base in the Puget Sound area resulted in the evolution of the Naval Station Everett.

Everett was chosen among 13 ports as a preferred location for the new home port.

Funding for construction of the base was approved in October 1986 and construction began in November 1987.

Three US Navy ships took part in the formal opening of the new pier in June 1992.

“The construction of the Naval Station Everett Support Complex began in August 1993.”

The personnel from Naval Station Puget Sound moved to the new Fleet Support and Administration buildings in early 1994. Naval Station Everett was officially opened in April 1994.

The USS Ingraham (FFG 61) and USS Ford (FFG 54) arrived at Everett in September 1994 as a part of homeporting seven ships at the base. Six ships were homeported at Everett by September 1996.

The final environmental impact statement (EIS) on the suitable home ports for three Nimitz Class aircraft carriers in the Pacific Fleet was completed by the US Navy in July 1999.

Two carriers were assigned to Naval Air Station North Island and one assigned to the NS Everett.

The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) changed its home port from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to Naval Station Everett in January 1997.

Callaghan was decommissioned in March 1998. Two ships based at Japan, Fife (DD-991) and Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) were assigned to Everett in May 1998.

Construction of the US Navy base

In September 1988, the US Navy awarded a $56m contract for the construction of a carrier pier. The 1,620ft long and 120ft wide new pier was formally opened in June 1992.

The construction of the Naval Station Everett Support Complex began in August 1993. The 210,000m² site was dedicated for the development of new facilities for navy personnel assigned to the base.

The construction added major facilities including a commissary, exchange, family service centre, housing units, parking and recreational facilities.

NAVSTA Everett operations

Naval Station Everett provides support for two destroyers, three frigates, one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and two Coast Guard ships.

It houses about 6,000 sailors and civil service persons assigned to tenant commands such as Destroyer Squadron Nine, Naval Surface Group Pacific Northwest, Afloat Training Group Pacific and the Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Twenty-two. There are about 350 sailors and civilians assigned to the base.

The ships homeported at Naval Station Everett include:

  • USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)
  • USS Shoup (DDG 86)
  • USS Momsen (DDG 92)
  • USS Ford (FFG 54)
  • USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60)
  • USS Ingraham (FFG 61)
  • USCGC Henry Blake (WLM-563)
  • USCGC Blue Shark (WPB 87360)

Garrison facilities

The pier alpha acts as a primary ship berthing facility at NAVSTA Everett. Mooring space is provided on either side of the pier.

“It houses about 6,000 sailors and civil service persons assigned.”

The pier has alongside depth of 8.8m at the northeast end and 19.8m at the southwest end.

The pier bravo is a second pier designed to accommodate navy vessels along the east side. It measures 1,500ft in length and 144ft in width.

The smaller support vessels are berthed at the South Warf.

Other base facilities at Everett

Naval Station Everett has family housing units near the navy support complex.

Bachelor housing is also available for individual active duty members. Other facilities include a navy lodge, auto hobby shop, child development centre and ball fields.

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