Sovremenny Class (Type 956)

The Sovremenny Class destroyer has a maximum displacement of 8,480t and is similar in size to the USA Navy's Aegis-equip

Length at Waterline
Beam at Waterline
Standard Load Displacement
Full Load Displacement
Maximum Load Displacement
Full Speed
Economic Speed
Range at Full Speed
1,345 miles
Range at Economic Speed
3,920 miles
Range at 18kt with Maximum Fuel
4,500 miles
30 days
Moskit (Mosquito) Anti-ship Missile System
2 x 4 launchers with 8 anti-ship missiles
Air Defence Gun Missile System
Shtil air defence missile system, 2 single launchers with 48 air defence missiles
2 x 2 130mm AK-130 multi-purpose gun mount with 2,000 rounds
30mm AK-630 air defence gun mount, 2 x 6 barrels with 16,000 cartridges
Anti-submarine Weapons
533mm torpedo tubes
2 x 6 RBU-1000 anti-submarin rocket launcher with 48 rockets
40 mines
Electronic Countermeasures System
2 x PKK-2 decoy dispenser system with 200 rockets
Air target acquisition radar
3 x navigation radars
130mm gun fire control radars
30mm air-defence gun fire control radar
Active and passive under-keel rsonar
Electronic Systems
Tactical situation plotting board
Anti-ship missile fire control system
Air defence missile fire control system
Torpedo fire control system
Main Propulsion
Steam Turbine
2 x 50,000hp
High-pressure Boilers
2 x fixed pitch
2 x 1,250kW
Diesel Generators
4 x 600kW
Aviation Fuel Stock
Firing Range
10km to 120km
Missile Flight Speed
Mach 2 to 2.5
Flight Altitude
Launch Weight
Range Against Aircraft Targets at Altitudes Above 1,000m
3.5km to 25km
Range Against Aircraft Targets at Altitudes Below 1,000m
3.5km to 18km
Range Against Incoming Anti-ship Missiles
3.5km to 12km
Maximum Target Speed
Number of Targets Engages Simultaneously (Depedent on Version)
2 to 12
Rate of Fire
1 missile per 3 to 12 seconds
Firing Range
Over 22km
Rate of Fire
20 to 35 rounds/min
Gun Loading
Combat Crew
6 to 10 men
Calibration Life
Over 1,500 rounds
Rate of Fire
5,000 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity
Range Against Sea-skimming Anti-ship Missiles
Range Against Light Surface Targets
Maximum Speed
Tactical Radius
Time in Search / Strike Mode
1hr 25min
Time in Search Mode
2hr 20min

The Sovremenny Class destroyer has a maximum displacement of 8,480t and is similar in size to the USA Navy’s Aegis-equipped missile cruisers. It is armed with an anti-submarine helicopter, 48 air defence missiles, eight anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines, long-range guns and a comprehensive electronic warfare system.

The first-of-class Sovremenny was commissioned in 1985. A total of 18 have been built for the Russian Navy. Five remain in service. All ships were built at the Northern Yard, Severnaya Verf, in Saint Petersburg.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has two modified Sovremenny destroyers, delivered in December 1999 and November 2000. In 2002, PLAN ordered two more. The first of these was launched in April 2004 and delivered in December 2005. The second vessel was launched in July 2004 and delivered in September 2006.


The ship’s combat systems can use target designation data from the ship’s active and passive sensors, from other ships in the fleet, from surveillance aircraft or via a communications link from the ship’s helicopter. The multi-channel defence suite is capable of engaging several targets simultaneously.


The ship is equipped with the Raduga Moskit anti-ship missile system with two four-cell launchers installed port and starboard of the forward island and set at an angle about 15°. The ship carries a total of eight Moskit 3M80E missiles, NATO designation SS-N-22 Sunburn. The missile is a sea-skimming missile with velocity Mach 2.5 and armed with a 300kg high-explosive warhead or a nuclear 200kt warhead. The range is from 10km to 120km. The launch weight is 4,000kg.

Two Shtil surface-to-air missile systems are installed, each on the raised deck behind the two-barrelled 130mm guns. Shtil is the export name of the SA-N-7, NATO reporting name Gadfly. The system uses the ship’s three-dimensional circular scan radar for target tracking. Up to three missiles can be aimed simultaneously. The range is up to 25km against targets with speeds up to 830m/s. The ship carries 48 Shtil missiles.


The ship’s 130mm guns are the AK-130-MR-184 supplied by the Ametist Design Bureau and the Frunze Arsenal Design Bureau in Saint Petersburg.

“Two Shtil surface-to-air missile systems are installed.”

The system includes a computer control system with electronic and television sighting. The gun can be operated in fully automatic mode from the radar control system, under autonomous control using the turret-mounted Kondensor optical sighting system and can also be laid manually. Rate of fire is between 20 and 35 rounds/min.

The ship has four six-barrel 30mm AK-630 artillery systems. The maximum rate of fire is 5,000 rounds/min. Range is up to 4,000m for low-flying anti-ship missiles and 5,000m for light surface targets. The gun is equipped with radar and television detection and tracking.


The destroyer has two double 533mm torpedo tubes and two six-barrel RBU-1000 anti-submarine rocket launchers, with 48 rockets. Range is 1,000m. The rocket is armed with a 55kg warhead.


The ship’s helicopter pad accommodates one Kamov Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopter, NATO codename Helix. The helicopter can operate in conditions up to Sea State 5 and up to 200km from the host ship.


The Project 956 destroyer is fitted with an electronic countermeasures system and carries a store of 200 rockets for the two decoy dispensers, model PK-2.

“The Sovremenny has four six-barrel 30mm AK-630 artillery systems.”


The ship is equipped with three navigation radars, an air target acquisition radar, and fire control radars for the 130mm gun and the 30mm gun. The sonar suite includes active and passive hull mounted search and attack sonar.


The ship’s propulsion system is based on two steam turbine engines each producing 50,000hp, together with four high-pressure boilers. There are two fixed-pitch propellers. The ship’s maximum speed is just under 33kt. At a fuel-economic speed of 18kt the range is 3,920 miles.

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