Safe MMI-35 is deployed in various maritime operations. Credit: SAFE Boats International.
The open T-Top design provides 360° view during operations. Credit: SAFE Boats International.
The cruise speed of the Mi-35 boat is 35k. Credit: SAFE Boats International.

Safe MMI-35 is SAFE Boats International’s multi-mission interceptor (MMI). The high-speed interdiction vessel is intended for deployment in multiple maritime operations.

MMI-35 boat was launched at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC) in June 2016. The vessel was exhibited at the Speed@Seawork event in June 2019.

The boat can perform maritime border security, coastal patrol, alien migrant interdiction, search and rescue (SAR), smuggling interdiction and special operations.

SAFE Boats and COTECMAR shipyard entered a multi-year association agreement to co-manufacture the MMI vessels in March 2017.

COTECMAR signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Honduras to deliver two MMI-35 intercept speedboats to the Honduras Navy in October 2018. The high-speed boats were handed over to the Honduran Navy in December 2019.

Safe MMI-35 boat design and features

MMI-35 vessel supports high-speed operations and offers optimal manoeuvrability and sea-keeping performance in adverse sea conditions.

“The boat can perform maritime border security, coastal patrol, alien migrant interdiction, search and rescue (SAR), smuggling interdiction and special operations.”

The MMI boat has an overall length of 10.7m, beam of 3.05m and draft of 0.63m. It can carry up to 43 passengers and is equipped with up to 14 shock mitigation seats that can absorb sudden shocks during missions. The maximum operational weight of the boat is 6.2t.

The open aluminium T-Top design provides 360° view, which improves visibility during missions. The passengers can disembark from the raised debarking platform. It also features patented foam collar system, secured gun storage and optional gun mount foundations.

The performance rings are placed below the collars to provide improved lift and stabilisation during manoeuvring. It also features full-welded performance-lifting strakes and self-bailing decks with higher volume scupper drains.

Bow storage, anchor locker and dual aft rigging locker system can be accessed through the topside lids. The vessel has a transom inspection hatch and sacrificial hull anode. It also features an overhead instrumental panel and swing-down electronics.

The vessel has the capacity to hold up to 2,216kg of cargo / personnel. It can also accommodate up to ten seated diving personnel and tanks. The vessel safety equipment includes two fire extinguishers, a life ring mount and a telescoping swim ladder.

The boat is transported by Boatmaster’s SB33-180 custom transport system rated at 18,000GVW.

Deck and console details

The reconfigurable deck system is fitted with SHOXS TRAXS mounting system, enabling the operator to modify the aft deck according to multiple mission requirements.

The centre console is 1.22m-wide and the dashboard is controlled electronically with adjustable dual-ram widescreen. It is surrounded by safety handrails.

Safe MMI-35 tank capacity

The speed boat is fitted with on-board storage tanks with a capacity to hold 1.13m³ of fuel. The fuel tank has a fill and vent system, check-valves and carbon canister for refuelling vapours.

The boat is also equipped with a bilge pump with a capacity of 7,570l an hour and one console compartment bilge pump with a maximum capacity of 4,164l an hour.

Navigation and communication systems

The Raymarine eS127 multifunction display offers access to radar and GPS plotting, as well as Blue Force automatic identification system (AIS) and camera information in order to track nearby vessels.

The boat is integrated with Series 9100 digital intercom marine communication system for supporting crew-to-crew communications. The system components include headsets, headset stations and belt stations.

MMI-35 boat can be optionally equipped with navigation packages, side-scan sonar and an emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB). The optional FLIR sensors ensure imaging throughout day and night.

MMI-35 propulsion

MMI-35 is powered by Mercury Verado 300 or Verado 350 outboard engines. The typical cruise speed of the vessel is 35k, while its maximum speed is more than 55k. The interceptor has a range of over 200nm.

MMI-35 electrical system includes a house battery system of 12VDC output and four 12VDC power receptacles.